Bespoke Design

Using the latest in Computer Aided Design programs we are able to create photo realistic images depicting exactly how a potential project will look. This means we can project how your kitchen worktops and appliances will work with the cabinetry, what colour combinations will look best, how our fitted furniture will interact with an existing colour scheme or layout, or work in a completely new environment. Therefore any major commitments can be made with confidence.


All our furniture is bespoke, from the kitchen carcasses to the individually turned drawer handles (should our client choose to have drawer handles). This means we are not limited to any set cabinet sizes, ranges or displays.


We use a wide range of native hardwood materials, these include, oak, elm, ash, sycamore, chestnut and walnut. We also use tropical hardwoods from sustainable sources such as zebrano and iroko. We select the best materials for the job. We use maple for our painted cabinetry because it is a closed grain hardwood, which aids in creating both a durable and seamless finish. We can use veneers or any other wood based material, it all depends on client preference and suitability.


Our furniture is oiled, waxed, lacquered or hand painted depending on the desired effect.
Kitchen carcass interiors are usually finished in a UV lacquer to ensure maximum durability

Kitchen appliances and fittings

We can supply most makes of sinks and taps and most brand appliances. We will only supply and install appliances rated by independent customer review, for both performance and reliability, whether they are on show or behind closed doors. We do not blindly trust one brand name; we do the research, so our clients don’t have to.

Kitchen worktops

We source, template, and install all our own worktops. Approximately 85% of our worktops are made in granite, which is selected for its visual appeal and durability. We also construct Hardwood surfaces, and use glass, composites and other premium materials. It depends on client preference and their area of use within a kitchen.

Fitted interiors

Dedicated craftsmen sympathetically install all our bespoke fitted furniture; we do not use subcontracted fitters. We understand that the planning and co-ordination involved in any renovation or development can be a stressful process so we aim to be as accommodating as possible.

The following steps are a guide to how we work:

  1. 1. A commitment free initial meeting usually at our studio and workshop to discuss possibilities, requirements and budget
  2. 2. Home visit to further discuss ideas and gain a more in-depth understanding of our client’s tastes and requirements
  3. 3. Start preliminary sketches and plans with telephone consultations or visits if required
  4. 4. A three-dimensional scale image of the design will be shown to our clients for their approval, along with a quotation of cost and time involved.
  5. 5. Pending Client approval of the design we would allocate a space in our production schedule and commence production on that date. Our clients would receive regular progress updates and are welcome to visit our Workshop and studio to view developments firsthand.
  6. 6. Furniture is delivered and installed

Time and cost

The date when we can start production is determined by our previous commitments as we only undertake one large commission at a time. We can provide an accurate prediction of possible start dates at the time of enquiry.

The following is an indication of the length of time involved to create and fit a kitchen:
On average 2 weeks for the Design process
A minimum of 6 weeks for production
The fitting of the cabinetry and granite is usually completed within a week

Cost is dependent on many variables, which makes a pricing formula impossible to implement. As a rough guide, our complete bespoke kitchen service starts at £20k (including worktops and appliances, and £15k without). All other free standing and fitted furniture is priced on commission.
Although we do not make batch products, a small sample of speculative pieces are on display at our studio, which give a good indication of potential cost.

Kitchen Payment Schedule

40% of the overall cost as a Deposit to cover materials prior to manufacture. This will secure a position in our production schedule and release all plans, drawings and three-dimensional imagery. 40% upon completion of manufacture. 20% upon completion of fitting