Windinghouse Interiors is an exclusive handmade furniture company.

We provide a complete bespoke service incorporating design, manufacture and installation. At Windinghouse interiors we combine a BA(hons) in product design with 10 years experience as furniture designer/makers.

Our premise is a converted two-story windinghouse located near Wrexham in North Wales. This historic building situated adjacent to the river Alyn, houses our workshop, office and studio.

We aim to make bespoke furniture and kitchens that are timeless.

We are not limited to any set style or look and we don’t feel the character or age of a building needs to necessarily be reflected by the furniture it contains.

This view is represented by our studio, which is characterised by dark rustic beams and columns that provide an interesting contrast to the lighter woods used in our furniture and the clean lines and subtle curves in our design.

We predominantly use hardwoods in our production because they are durable and have a warm, expressive quality that often looks better with age.

The choice of woods and finish is based on our client’s preferences although contrasting wood combinations often characterise our work. We feel this contrast highlights the bespoke nature of what we do and shows a depth in craft that people appreciate, while also providing an interesting element to the overall composition of the piece.

We believe design should be a dialog with the user.

We feel design should not be a superficial practice about glamour or branding.

A Good kitchen design should essentially be about the people who use it. We offer flexible design and production options so that we can give our clients what they want.

We offer nothing that is standard or mass produced because each one of our clients has different needs.

Windinghouse Interiors is about choice, individual expression and creativity.

We run a design workshop not a factory. What we can do and how we work is evident by one visit to our workshop and studio. There are no hidden costs; we have no sales team, admin staff or subcontracted fitters. Our clients costs relate directly to the cost of their materials and the care and attention necessary to design and make their furniture.